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Discounted Air Tickets

 United States
 CATHAY PACIFIC Vancouver / New York $458 and up 
 Hong Kong
 AIR CANADA Vancouver / Hong Kong $960 and up 
 ALL NIPPON Vancouver / Hong Kong $350 and up 
 CATHAY PACIFIC Vancouver / Hong Kong $960 and up 
 CHINA EASTERN Vancouver / HONG KONG $350 and up 
 JAPAN AIRLINE Vancouver / Hong Kong $550 and up 
 AIR CANADA Vancouver / Shanghai $330 and up 
 AIR CANADA Vancouver / Beijing $330 and up 
 AIR CHINA Vancouver / Peiking $650 and up 
 AIR CHINA Vancouver / HKG $550 and up 
 CATHAY PACIFIC Vancouver / Guangzhou $830 and up 
 CHINA EASTERN Vancouver / Peking $460 and up 
 CHINA EASTERN Vancouver / Shanghai $390 and up 
 JAPAN AIRLINE Vancouver / Guangzhou $870 and up 
 JAPAN AIRLINE Vancouver / Tokyo $670 and up 

All prices in this publication are quoted in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. These prices are effective at the time of printing of this publication although they are subject to change without notice. Prices are based on availability at time of booking.